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Divorce Group and Other Divorce Services

"What will a Divorce Counseling Group

do for you?"


It will help you:

  • Understand your reactions and identify feelings
  • Share your reactions and express feelings
  • Find support for the challenges you face
  • Learn about the stages of divorce
  • Learn about children's reactions to divorce
  • Learn to help children maintain optimal mental health through the process
  • Identify the coping skills you are using and consider new coping skills you might choose to use
  • Correct distortions in thinking
  • Learn communication skills and practice communication skills
  • Manage anger, frustration and loss
  • Gain insight about the dynamics of the marriage and aftermath
  • Overcome impasses
  • Manage conflict
  • "Let go" or "forgive" for your own health


The group will be run by a highly experienced clinician in divorce issues, Karita M. Hummer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. It will be run with a combination of: Group process discussion, education and, between sessions, homework.

Sessions are scheduled to start July 15th and will be on alternate Monday evenings for 1-1/2 hours from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Cost is $250, including intake fee.

Additional Resources for Parents going through Divorce
Have you wondered about what would be the best way to tell your child that Mommy and Daddy are divorcing? "How do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce" is a great tool available now to parents who have such sad news as their parents divorcing to break to children. This tool is now available for purchase.,

How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce?
A Create-a-Storybook Guide. This Unique Book Doesnt Just Tell You What To Say -- It Says It For You! Fill-in-the-blank Templates Show Parents How To Create A Storybook With Family Photos And History To Simplify This Tough Conversation. With Therapist Advice. Professionally Endorsed.

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Co-parenting under the best of circumstances can be extremely trying and difficult. When a parent must co-parent with a former partner with problem behavior or mental disturbance, the job is all the more difficult. But, now here is someone who has gone through it and found a way to survive and help her children at the same time. Her advice is availthrough an E-book for purchase.

Co-parenting Nightmare.
Are You Co-parenting With Someone Who Is Crazy, Diagnosed With Mental Illness Or A Substance Abuser? Are You Constantly In Court Fighting Over Child Custody Or Visitation Issues? Learn Strategies To Help You And Your Children Cope With A Tough Situation.

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And now,
Tomaweb 2.0 TomaWeb's Custody Keeper 2.1 Custody Keeper 2.1

Custody Schedule Software

Aiding agreement and compliance around custody schedules.

Finally, a tool to make the complex and arduous task of creating fair, simple and clear custody schedules for children of divorcing parents.

What can be more harrowing and difficult than making and keeping a satisfactory custody schedule that is clear to all? This simple software tool helps parents, attorneys and judges work out a schedule that is reliable and understandable for all involved.

For parents, it helps you plan for a custody schedule you can live with and prepares you for the important negotiations involved in arriving at the best schedule for all concerned. Then it easily helps you keep the schedule in an organized way and keep important notes about the unfolding of that schedule.

For attorneys, it speeds up the work of preparing, mapping out and recommending a clear, fair and equitable schedule.

For judges, it assists in arriving at a fair and equitable distribution of time suitable for your divorce cases.

This tool is invaluable!  
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