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Anger Management




What will an

Anger Management Group

 do for you?



It will help you:

  • Measure your toxic anger levels
  • Understand your anger and the function it plays for you
  • Consider the costs of your anger for your health and well-being and relationships
  • Learn what the experts say about anger
  • Gain self awareness about your personality and temperament
  • Learn about the interaction of your personality type with that of others
  • Learn to accept differences in the way you and others approach life
  • Get in charge of your anger
  • Help you manage anger in your relationships
  • Understand the role of "trigger thoughts" and how to replace these with "coping thoughts"
  • Learn stress reduction/relaxation techniques
  • Develop new communication skills based on active listening and empathy
  • Assert your needs without resorting to aggression or passivity for greater effectiveness and satisfaction at home, work and in the community
  • Plan and strategize for provocative situations
  • Help your children manage their anger
  • "Let go" of old hurts and consider how forgiveness could be an option
  • Gain compassion for yourself



The group will be run by a highly experienced clinician in counseling around relationship problems, emotional distress, communication skills, rage and anger--Karita M. Hummer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work.

It will run with a combination of: group process discussion, education and, between sessions, homework.

Sessions are scheduled to start May 1, 2008 and will be on Tuesday evenings for 1-1/2 hours from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Location: 475 North First Street, rear, second floor, San Jose, CA 95112. (Near Civic Center)



Cost is $250, including intake fee.

If you take both the Anger Management and the Divorce groups, the cost is $375.



Based on the work of Matthew McKay, Ph.D. and Peter Rogers, Ph.D., Frank Lachman, Ph.D. and Doyle Gentry, Ph.D.



Purchase of two books is required:

  •  ANGER CONTROL WORKBOOK, Matthew McKay, Ph.D.  and Peter Rogers, Ph.D., $12.21
  •  ANGER FREE, Doyle Gentry, Ph.D., $12



To register or inquire, please:

Please leave your name, phone number and the name of the group (Anger or Divorce or both).  We will then contact you for the next steps. Thank you.                                               


For a selection of books on Anger Management, visit my bookshelf on the subject at Powell's Books                          

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